Unlock the World with Stunning World Map Wall Art!

Decorating with wall art in the form of a world map is an excellent method to do both that and to enrich your house with information. World map wall art can be both a beautiful addition to a room and a fun and educational method to expand one’s understanding of the world around them. There is a wide variety of globe map wall art to select from, from simple paper prints to elaborate metal murals, each with its own character and potential to become a focal point in any space. In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s a good idea to decorate with globe maps, how to choose the correct piece for your home, how to hang it properly, and how to keep these fragile works in good condition over time.

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Benefits of World Map Wall Art

Wall art in the form of world maps is aesthetically pleasing and intellectually stimulating, making it a perfect addition to any house. There are various options for globe map wall art, including canvas prints, framed maps, and wallpaper murals. Let’s examine why it’s a good idea to have maps of the world hanging on your walls.

Educational Value:

Examining a world map is a fantastic way to get insight into the world’s diverse landscapes, peoples, and historical events. Whether it’s incorporated into a lesson plan or used as a decorative accent, global map wall art can make learning about our planet fun and interesting. A child’s ability to interpret information presented in a two-dimensional plane can be honed with the use of world maps.

Decorative Properties:

Vibrant colors and detailed carvings on world maps make stunning wall art. The distinctive qualities that set these works apart from others in the art world give them the potential to be lively discussion starters. In addition, they frequently provide informative material about different countries that might spark discussions about current events and the past that have affected our modern world.

A globe map mural or print will completely change the feel of any room and is sure to impress any visitors. These decorative items not only lend personality to a room, but also serve a practical purpose by imparting information such as the locations of major cities and the political boundaries of countries.

The benefits of globe map wall art are numerous, ranging from the educational value of gaining cultural awareness to the aesthetic value of being a versatile addition to any interior design scheme. It’s time to start thinking about how you might personalize your space with globe map wall art.

Key Takeaway: World map wall art can provide an educational and decorative value to any home, offering a unique way to learn about geography, cultures, and history while also adding visual interest with its vibrant colors and intricate details.

Types of World Map Wall Art

Canvas Prints:

Canvas prints of global maps are widely used as decorative accessories. They provide an elegant, everlasting style with a traditional design. As canvas prints can be readily cleaned with a damp cloth, they are ideal for high-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms. As canvases are available in a wide range of sizes and finishes, you’re sure to discover one that’s ideal for your home.

Framed Maps:

When looking for globe map wall art, framed maps are another fantastic alternative. In addition to shielding your valuables from dust and UV rays, these decorative accents give any environment an air of refined sophistication. The variety of sizes and forms available for framed maps makes it simple to pick one that works with your existing decor. Moreover, a few nails or screws are all that’s needed to mount a framed map on the wall.

World maps on wallpaper murals are a striking decoration that won’t take up too much visual real estate on your walls. This form of artwork is ideal for those who want something new but still aesthetically pleasing, as it typically comprises of enormous panels of wallpaper depicting intricate images from all over the world. Because of the wide range of colors and patterns available, wallpaper murals can be easily personalized.

You may get globe map wall art in a wide range of formats, from canvas prints to framed maps and wallpaper murals. Now that you know there are globe map wall art options to match every decor, the next question is how to choose the right piece for your space.

world map wall art

Choosing the Right World Map Wall Art for Your Home

Size and scale are essential selection criteria for globe map wall art. A larger wall calls for a more expansive map, while a more compact space calls for something more manageable in terms of size. Choose a larger piece that will fill the wall without dominating the room. If, on the other hand, you’re working with a narrower expanse of wall, something smaller and more delicate may be a better fit. Also, take into account the level of detail present in the work; some artworks may have elaborate designs, while others may be more spare.

When picking out a piece of globe map wall art for your house, it’s also crucial to consider the color and style possibilities available. Depending on your taste and the rest of your d├ęcor, you can select maps in either bright colors or more subdued tones. There is a map out there that will complement every decor, as cartographers can draw inspiration from the past or update an old favorite. Before making a decision, think about what kind of color scheme will go best with your current furnishings.

Last but not least, you should think about where you intend to hang the world map before making a final decision. Consider the intended location of the piece in your home, such as above a sofa or bed, or as a decorative accent by a window or entrance, to help you choose the appropriate dimensions and design. In addition, you should consider the lighting: while the sun streaming in through the windows might bring out specific colors in the artwork, artificial lighting sources may highlight distinct features of its design.

World maps on the wall may be a conversation starter in any room when chosen carefully in terms of scale, hue, and style. The next step is to determine the best method for hanging the artwork.

Key Takeaway: When selecting world map wall art, consider size, detail, color and design options, as well as placement ideas in order to choose the perfect piece for your home.

How to Hang World Map Wall Art Properly

To make your globe map wall art seem its best in your home, you need to hang it appropriately. If you want your map to look fantastic and remain put on the wall, you need to make sure the surface is ready for hanging art. When you begin drilling holes on the wall to hang your map, make sure the spot is clean and level using a damp cloth. After the ground has been leveled, it is crucial to use the proper gear and instruments. Take into account the material composition of your walls when selecting the anchors or screws to use (drywall, plaster, brick). Using nails or screws directly into drywall without anchors requires careful consideration to ensure they will not pull out easily while also avoiding damaging any wiring that may be located behind the wall.

Observing these guidelines will help you hang your globe map wall art in a way that prevents damage and ensures it will last for years to come. Let’s talk about how to preserve your maps for the long haul.

Caring for Your World Map Wall Art Over Time

Long-term maintenance of your globe map wall art is required to guarantee its beauty and usefulness. Here are some suggestions for preserving the quality of your maps.

Cleaning and Dusting Tips:

Frequently dusting your map can keep it free of the dirt and debris that might cause it to discolor or fade over time. Dust the surface of the map with a delicate cloth or feather duster to avoid scratching it. Use a moist cloth with mild soap and water to wipe away any lingering stains or fingerprints. In order to keep the finish of your wall hangings in good condition, refrain from applying strong chemicals.

Protection from Sunlight Damage:

To prevent your globe map’s colors from fading too quickly, avoid hanging it where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. Installing shades or drapes that filter out sunlight while blocking UV rays is a good idea if you need to mount it near windows. You might also choose to have your artwork framed in anti-glare glass, which will shield it from harmful ultraviolet light and ensure that its brilliant colors last for years to come.

While not in use, your global map can be taken down and stored safely. Separately wrap each piece in acid-free paper, then place them all in a box or other airtight container designed for archival storage of artwork. This way, after it’s re-hung, dust won’t have a chance to accumulate and spoil its appearance.

Key Takeaway: Maintaining the condition of your world map wall art is key to ensuring its longevity, so keep it in a sealed container away from direct sunlight.

FAQs in Relation to World Map Wall Art

How do you hang a world map on the wall?

Simple equipment and supplies are all that are needed to hang a global map on the wall. To begin, take careful measurements of the wall space where you intend to display your map, and then make corresponding pencil markings. The next step is to attach the mounting hardware to the wall using a hammer and nails or screws. Last but not least, use string or wire to fasten your world map to the wall. Before you go ahead and tighten anything, double check that it’s level. Now you may hang your magnificent world map in any room of your house using this easy way.

Does Hobby Lobby sell world maps?

I can confirm that you can purchase global maps at Hobby Lobby. They have a selection of wall hangings available, all of which display vibrant maps of the world in exquisite detail. There are several artistic expressions to select from when decorating with a map, from classic poster art to sleek modern art. Whether you’re looking for a decorative item or a learning tool, Hobby Lobby is sure to provide what you need.

How do I decide where to hang my photos?

Keep the room’s style in mind as you decide where to hang your pictures. Don’t forget to take into account the photo’s potential placement in relation to other artwork and furnishings. Evaluate if you want the photo to stand out or blend in with its setting before taking it. Moreover, think about lighting; shooting in natural light might reveal details in the subject’s skin tone and clothing that wouldn’t be as apparent in an image shot in artificial light. Before hanging anything, be sure you have accurate measurements. You may make lovely wall art that suits your interior design scheme if you give it some thought and plan beforehand.

How big should art be above couch?

The scale of the artwork over a sofa should reflect both the size of the room and the size of the sofa. Choose a piece of art that is at least two-thirds as wide as your sofa, if not a little bit bigger. If you want things to look harmonious, you should also give your artwork and furnishings at least six inches of breathing room. Aim for a consistent distance between pieces when hanging a grouping so that they don’t look too close together or too far apart. In the end, you should base the scale of your wall art on how well it fits in the room.


A carefully selected piece of globe map wall art may be an elegant and resilient addition to any room. In order to enjoy your traditional or modern globe map wall art for many years to come, you must hang it properly and give it the care it deserves. Putting up a world map on your wall is a beautiful and thoughtful decoration.

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