Why Metal Prints Are a Great Choice as Wall Art

Are you looking for something fresh and original to use as decoration in your home or place of business? When it comes to decorative wall art, metal prints are becoming an increasingly popular option. As a result of the many benefits they offer in comparison to other types of wall decorations, such as framed artwork and canvas art, they are an excellent choice for any room. In this article, we will discuss why metal prints make such wonderful pieces of wall art, as well as how they compare to canvas art and other options that are available on the market today.

Table of Contents

  • What is a metal print?
  • Reasons why metal prints are a great choice
  • Metal print gift ideas
  • Metal Print: Hanging and Display Options
  • Conclusion

What is a metal print?

Metal prints are the ideal form of canvas art to give physical form to your imaginative concepts. Custom metal prints are a simple and inexpensive option if you’re looking for a way to draw attention to a piece of artwork or a photograph. They will not only make your room look more put together right away, but they will also last for years with only a small amount of care and maintenance. Metal prints are available in a wide range of dimensions, contours, and coatings to accommodate any aesthetic. In addition to that, the extremely eye-catching visual display is a result of the vivid colors and precise details. Today, you can bring your space to life with metal prints.

Start looking for canvas and metal prints that you’ll be proud of! Metal prints are the ideal way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room, whether you want to hang a picture of your family or an abstract piece of art. So what are you waiting for? Allow your imagination to run wild as you create a work of art on canvas that will be treasured for many years to come.

Give free rein to your imagination as you begin to create works of art on canvas that will enhance the visual appeal of any room. Making your own personalized metal prints has never been simpler than it is now thanks to our user-friendly, web-based tools and competitive pricing. So what are you waiting for? Get started right away and give your creative ideas life!

Reasons why metal prints are a great choice

The widespread availability of the technology required for metal printing has led to a meteoric rise in the practice’s popularity among consumers.

Your personal preference will, of course, determine the kind of material you choose to use for the display prints and photographs you create. When you next need to display some artwork or high-quality photography around your home, office, or gallery space, below you will find seven solid reasons why you should think about selecting infused metal printing as your printing method of choice.

  1. The Specifics

You will have a difficult time locating a print medium that is capable of retaining the level of detail that is achievable with infused aluminum. A metal print can capture every minuscule brush or pencil stroke of your artwork, as well as every minuscule detail of your photograph. Prints with incredible levels of detail are possible when the source image is of sufficient quality and resolution.

  1. There Are So Many Colors!

The color vibrancy of metal prints is one area in which they have a distinct advantage over other printing methods. The infusion process that is used to create metal prints allows for a range of color vibrancy that simply isn’t possible in more traditional print media. This is one of the advantages of using metal as a print medium. Darker colors are able to keep their authentic and abundant consistency, while brighter and more colorful areas pop with an impressive luminosity. This is because metal printing uses a combination of heat and pressure to transfer ink onto the surface of the metal. When it comes to color and printing on metal, the most important thing to keep in mind is that metal prints can maintain color and luminosity in a way that is simply not possible with conventional printing methods such as those based on paper and canvas.

  1. Simple to Clean

HD-printed metal photos and posters use an ink infusion process (as opposed to a more typical adhesive print application, which could be torn or damaged), which means that they are very easy to wipe clean, and there is no risk of marking or discoloring the surface of the print. This makes HD printing an excellent choice for photos and posters that will be displayed in high-traffic areas. You will only need a clean cloth (we advise using a microfiber cloth) and some household window cleaning solution. Because infused metal prints are resistant to corrosion, typical window cleaning products will be effective in removing fingerprints and other smudges, leaving your prints looking as good as new.

  1. Metal Prints Are Made to Last

The aluminum products that we use in our metal printing process are built to last. They are resistant to the effects of UV light, so they will not fade. Colors and vibrancy will endure for many years. Metal prints are no longer restricted to being used only inside buildings because we even stock panels that have been specifically designed for use in outdoor environments and are able to withstand the effects of direct sunlight. Products that have been printed on metal are also resistant to scratching and marking. Our panels have graphics that are infused directly into the substrate of the aluminum panel using a unique combination of conditions involving heat and pressure. These conditions are very specific. What does that actually mean, then? The printing and application process uses a gas transfer to permanently embed your image into the aluminum, making it extremely difficult to scratch off or stain in any way. In addition, if you drop a metal print or knock it off the wall, it is much less likely to break than a traditionally framed print would be. There is no method of long-term storage that is superior to high-definition metal printing; therefore, if you own a significant piece of artwork or a unique photograph, you should use this method.

  1. Convenient to Hang & Lightweight

Not only do metal prints look amazing (which they do), but they are also very lightweight and easy to display, making them a great choice for displaying photos and artwork around the home or office. When compared to a framed print that has a glass face plate, the weight of a metal print will typically be significantly lower. A metal print does not require any kind of protection from the glass at all. Because of our extensive selection of display options, hanging prints on the wall is a breeze. Tab mounts or an easel stand can be attached to smaller prints. It is advisable to use a shadow frame mount for sizes larger than an A3. These frames are made to measure the size of your print panel, which results in an increase in the panel’s overall rigidity. a new level of education, and the fact that we can only print and print. The shadow frame that is attached to the back of your print can be easily inserted into this bar once it has been properly mounted on the wall. All you need to do is ensure that the bar is perfectly level. Shadow frame-mounted prints will never hang crookedly, so you can finally get rid of those crooked pictures that have been hanging on your wall. As the name suggests, shadow frame-mounted prints and posters are hung approximately 20 millimeters away from the surface of the wall. This creates an attractive frameless shadow effect.

Metal print gift ideas

When it comes to finding one-of-a-kind gift ideas for the special people in your life, it can be difficult to find something that will truly impress and make the positive impact that you’re hoping for when you give a special gift. Fortunately, products that have been printed on metal function exceptionally well in this regard. The only thing that matters in the world. When the lucky recipient of your gift examines the brand-new high-gloss or special finish printed panel that you gave them, there is no doubt that they will be impressed.

  1. A Metal Print in a Shape of Your Choice

It doesn’t get any more ‘tailor-made’ than this. Using a computer-controlled CNC router, bespoke panels are cut to the desired shape. What does this entail? Basically, it is possible to create virtually any shape of the metal print panel that you can think of. Would you be interested in having a print of yourself and your significant other made into the shape of a metal love heart and hanging on your wall? Not a problem! For a child’s bedroom wall, how about personalized, printed shapes and graphics?

  1. A Picture Print That Can Stand Alone in Its Own Frame

If you’re looking for something a little less complicated, a smaller print that can stand on its own might be the way to go. These smaller prints make wonderful, simple-to-wrap gifts. When you order a print with the easel display option, the easel will already be attached to the back of the print before it is shipped. The recipient only needs to bend the easel to a slight angle along the grooved line in order to display the print; everything else is taken care of for them.

Metal Print: Hanging and Display Options

Not only is metal printing versatile because of the wide variety of images, photos, and graphics that can be transformed into incredible display pieces, but it also lends itself well to a wide variety of different hanging, mounting, and display options. Metal prints, in contrast to traditionally printed display graphics, do not require any kind of protective glass. As a result, they can be hung on a wall using ‘frameless’ mounting hardware, which gives them a stylish, streamlined, and contemporary appearance. Metal prints are generally lighter than framed prints and are also much more durable and resistant to breaking or damage if dropped. Metal prints may or may not have glass or frames surrounding them.

  1. Shadow Mount for the Frame

It is recommended to use a frame shadow mount for prints that are at least A3 in size. Once installed, these have a look that is comparable to that of the tab mounts that were discussed earlier. They have a clearance of approximately 20 mm from the wall, which results in a nice, clean shadow effect. The frame shadow mount system is made up of a lightweight aluminum frame that is cut to the exact dimensions necessary to hold each individual print. The print’s reverse side features an inset frame that runs all the way around the perimeter, with each corner beveled and joined to provide additional rigidity to the larger panels. A mounting bar and screw system are also included in the shadow frame kit that you purchase. After the bar has been fastened into place on your wall (use a spirit level to ensure that it is level and nice and straight), the frame that is attached to the back of the print simply slides into place within the bar. Not only is it very easy to hang a print using a frame shadow mount kit, but as long as the bar is attached to the wall in the correct manner, your print will always be able to sit in a perfectly straight position.

  1. Tab Shadow Mount

Tab shadow mounts are an excellent choice if you want to hang a print on the wall that is no larger than A3 in size. The tab shadow mount kit consists of a long-lasting metal tab that is attached to the middle of the top edge on the back of the metal print. This tab will cast a shadow on the surface of the metal print. The bottom corners of the print are also secured with tiny plastic spacers. After that, the tab can be affixed to the wall with the help of regular picture hooks, screws, or nails. Ready to hang!


The addition of one-of-a-kind and personalized details to your interior design can be accomplished with the help of custom metal prints. There is a wide variety of canvas art available, some of which is contemporary and elegant, while other options, such as custom metal prints, feature vivid colors and intricate details. You are able to transform any space in your home into a showpiece worthy of attention by utilizing the appropriate canvas artwork in conjunction with individualized metal prints. So why not exercise your creativity today? You can begin your search for canvas art pieces online, or you can get in touch with us directly if you already have specific ideas about the kinds of custom metal print designs that would work best in your area.

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