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Do you want the best quality metal prints without breaking the bank? Stop right there! Stunning artwork to adorn your home or office doesn’t have to be out of your price range thanks to our metal prints. The bold hues and contemporary style of our metal prints make them a great addition to any space. They also require few tools for installation. Don’t waste any more time wondering what to do with your walls; instead, read more of our blogs and learn new about wall art!

Table of Contents

  • What is a Metal Print?
  • How is it made?
  • Making sure it’s Chromaluxe
  • Where to buy affordable metal prints online?
  • Metal Prints FAQs
  • Conclusion

What is a Metal Print?

If you’ve looked everywhere for a way to show off that stunning photo you just took, you’ve probably come across the “metal print” option by now. It’s become increasingly popular in recent years. The question now is, what precisely is a metal print? Where and how is it manufactured? What is the price tag attached to it? What sets this product apart from other options available on the market, both positively and negatively? How long does each one typically last? We are going to do everything in our power to cover every aspect of this product so that you are able to make an educated decision regarding whether or not this is the most suitable photo display option for the image you have.

There is always a great deal of false information and marketing hype surrounding the most recent and cutting-edge photographic equipment. Revealing what we actually see in the real world while working with these products and getting feedback from customers has always been an extremely important priority for us. Being transparent and telling the truth has always been an extremely important part of our business. There is no product on the market that is as flawless as the creator would have you believe, and Chromaluxe is not an exception to this rule. Yes, it is an excellent product for a variety of uses, but we’ll also go over some of the drawbacks that you won’t find discussed anywhere else, in addition to important components and questions you should ask the print lab before purchasing your metal print.

How is it made?

In a nutshell, the process of dye sublimation is used in the metal print. During this process, the ink is infused into a special coating that is applied to the metal, which, when combined with the high gloss Chromaluxe product, produces a glossy and vibrant end result. They do have a mid-gloss and a satin option, but we don’t carry those at the moment. We recommend to our customers that they go with one of our matte photo mounting options instead.

Step 1: The photo is printed onto a transfer paper that has an image that is a mirror image of the original.
Step 2: Involves taping the transfer paper onto the thin blank metal measuring.045 inches (Chromaluxe)
Step 3: Involves “baking” the metal and print in a large heat press for a minute or two at a temperature of approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The ink is able to transform into a gas by virtue of the press’s combined application of heat and pressure, and this gas is then taken up into the pores of the unique polymer coating that covers the metal print. The pores close and the surface becomes more stable as it cools, resulting in a color that is permanent.

Make sure it’s Chromaluxe

When it comes to producing a high-quality metal print, there is really only one choice available, and that is the Chromaluxe option. You should insist on using the Chromaluxe brand of metal prints because there is no other product on the market that is comparable. There are, to be sure, cheaper imitations available, both in terms of the metal and the ink that is used, but these will not hold up well over time. We’ve heard the horror stories about counterfeit metal prints fading in a matter of months.

Concerning ChromaLuxe

ChromaLuxe is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium print media. They supply high-quality blank substrates to a wide range of industries and applications that demand exceptional image quality and long-lasting prints. Manufacturing and fabrication take place in Louisville, Kentucky for all coatings and substrates, even though they are all made in the United States. ChromaLuxe caters to a global customer base and ships its products to more than 80 countries from its additional locations in Belgium and Australia.

Where to buy affordable metal prints online?

1. Shiny Prints : Overall Best

Shiny Prints is a metal printing lab located in South Florida. They specialize in Chromaluxe metal printing and do not produce any other types of metal prints. After working with my previous vendor (Bay Photo) for four years, I was hit with a price increase, and that’s when I found out about this lab. Because of this, I was compelled to make contact with various other labs in order to determine whether or not a more cost-effective agreement could be reached in order to avoid having to adjust our prices. I was on vacation in West Palm Beach for a week when I decided to check out a local art show. During my trip, I came across Shiny Prints. I queried the artists about the printers that they were working with. Shiny Prints was the only name that was mentioned by anyone who was willing to share their laboratory.


  • 8×12 : $32.00
  • 16×24 : $99.00
  • 24×36 : $224.00

2. Blazing Editions : Fine Arts Expert

One of the things that distinguishes Blazing Editions from virtually every other print lab is the presentation of their products. When you visit their website or go into their studio, you can immediately get a sense of the high-end experience that they are striving to provide for their customers.

Due to the fact that they do not have an intuitive ordering system on their website, you will need to get in touch with them in order to get your account set up and begin placing orders. Unfortunately, this level of sophistication does not come without a cost.


  • 12×18 : $72.00
  • 18×24 : $144.00
  • 24×36 : $288.00

3. Pure Art Printer : Great Option for the West Coast

Pure Art Printer is a little-known gem of the printing industry that can be found in St. George, Utah. If you’re looking for something similar to Shiny Prints but on the West Coast, your best bet is Pure Art Printer. Great quality metal prints at some of the most competitive prices in the industry are offered by this company, which is one of only a handful of businesses in the United States that can compete with their price-to-performance ratio.


  • 8×12 : $37.21
  • 16×24 : $96.60
  • 24×36 : $188.29

4. Metal Mouth Prints : Mounts That Deserve a Shoutout

The “eZi Mount” option is yet another one of Metal Mouth’s offerings that stands out as both novel and intriguing. Reusing the same frame over and over again enables you to quickly and easily switch out metal prints without having to buy a new one. This is a possibility that I have not explored on my own. For professionals who are making money off of the resale of their prints, this makes no sense. However, this could make it more affordable because there would be no need to purchase a new frame with each order. Additionally, there is a possibility that shipping costs could be reduced because customers would only need to receive a bare metal print rather than the bulk and weight of a frame. If I ever get the chance to put this eZi Mount system to the test, I will make sure to come back and update this page with my observations and feedback.


  • 8×12 : $49.00
  • 16×24 : $139.00
  • 20×30 : $187.00

5. Unique Imaging Concepts : Great Quality, Even Better Customer Service

Unique Imaging Concepts, which has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, is conveniently situated close to the factory that is responsible for producing Chromaluxe Panels. The quality of their metal prints is on par with that of the other businesses on this list; however, the quality of their customer service is what truly separates them from the competition.


  • 8×10 : $45.00
  • 16×24 : $121.75
  • 24×36 : $251.50

Metal Prints FAQs

Here are some questions that are asked quite frequently; the majority of them have answers within the article, but we thought it would be helpful to highlight them here as well.

  • Are metal prints any good?

They most certainly are able to be! Once more, this is directly related to the quality of the craftsmanship and the materials used. Pricing that seems too good to be true should be avoided. Examine the reviews of the company that can be found on third-party websites such as Trustpilot, Google, and Facebook rather than the reviews that can be found on the company’s own website. Take a look at the location where the prints are made. Are they made in the United States, or do they originate in China? All these questions are important. Metal prints that have been carefully crafted can be quite lovely.

  • What are photos printed on metal called?

Dye sublimation is the name given to the process of printing an image directly onto metal, which is actually accomplished by first printing the image onto paper and then baking the paper into the metal. If you’ve ever heard of something called “metal prints,” this is the method that’s used to create them. It’s easy to confuse these with prints made on metallic paper, which is a popular type of photo paper that we use in our mounted photo products and that’s also a popular option for our acrylic prints.

  • What is the advantage of metal prints?

The most significant benefit is that they are exceptionally scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, and resistant to moisture. When exposed to direct sunlight, you will need to handle these with care because they have a greater propensity to fade more quickly than products made of photo paper. In addition to this, they have a sophisticated and contemporary appearance that belies their great vibrancy.

  • How long do metal prints last?

Simulations have shown that metal prints could potentially last anywhere from 65 to 100 years provided that they are not exposed to direct sunlight. That is a daring assertion to make! We always say that it should last a lifetime if it is properly cared for and hung in an area that is shielded from direct sunlight. It is possible that you will not get two years of use out of these in direct sunlight, which is why they launched their EXT product, which claims to last between two and three years in direct sunlight.


There is no better place to look than online retailers for reasonably priced metal prints that are also of the highest possible quality. Not only do they provide excellent customer service in addition to quick delivery times, but they also provide a large selection of products from which to choose. If you are looking for metal prints for your home or office, you can find everything you need at online stores that specialize in metal prints; all you have to do is click a button. Why not take advantage of these fantastic deals that are being offered today and brighten any room with some stunning metal wall art? Learn more about wall arts by reading our blogs right away and getting started!

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