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Looking for a unique and creative way to spruce up your home? Scrabble tile murals are exactly what you need. It’s a show-stopper that can be adapted to any space and design scheme. When it comes to scrabble wall art, the options for customization are practically unlimited, from making one-of-a-kind words and phrases to include images and inspirational statements. Our guides will teach you everything from how to construct your own scrabble wall art to how to properly hang it in your house and maintain it for years of enjoyment.

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What is Scrabble Wall Art?

Words and phrases from the game of Scrabble can be turned into beautiful works of art for the walls of your home. The idea is to make wall art out of words and phrases made from individual Scrabble tiles, either newly acquired or salvaged from an old game. Displayed in picture frames or other kinds of framed artwork, the pieces are meant to impress.

Using individual letter tiles from the popular board game Scrabble, “Scrabble wall art” creates words and phrases that may be hung on the wall. To increase the tiles’ aesthetic appeal, they are often displayed in picture frames or other kinds of adornments.

It’s possible to make just about any design you can think of using Scrabble tiles for your wall art. When it comes to making your own original piece out of scrabble tiles, the sky’s the limit in terms of originality, humor, pathos, or plain old fun. In addition, each tile doesn’t take up as much room as other forms of artwork like paintings or photographs, making them ideal for smaller rooms when space is restricted. Last but not least, most individuals already have access to some form of scrabble (via their own collection or from charity stores), so this type of project doesn’t require a huge initial purchase, making it accessible even if you have a small budget.

Putting up some Scrabble Wall Art is a novel and original approach to decorating your home. With the right tools and materials, you can create unique wall art that will impress visitors for years to come. Now, let’s check out the first steps.

How to Create Your Own Scrabble Wall Art

Making your own Scrabble wall art is a fun and easy way to give any room a unique touch. This undertaking will satisfy your need for something artistic and novel whether you’re looking a bold statement piece or something more lighthearted. Here are the measures you should do to make unique wall decoration for your home.

Gather Supplies and Materials:

Scrabble tiles, of course, but also wood boards, paint, glue, scissors, and so on are required for getting started. These materials are widely available in art supply shops and on the web. If you can’t get these supplies where you live, ordering them online can be the next best thing. In addition, if you intend to create numerous works of art, it may be financially beneficial to purchase the materials in bulk.

Designing Your Piece:

After you’ve acquired all the materials you’ll need, you can begin sketching up your plan. This stage calls for imagination and forethought; before beginning construction, consider the message or impression you want your artwork to communicate. Choose words that have particular significance to you, such as the names of loved ones or important dates.

The fun part, transforming all those individual scrabble tiles into a cohesive whole, has finally arrived. To begin, arrange the tiles on a level surface so that they will look as they will be done (you may even want use paper templates beforehand). Then, glue each tile down individually until they are all firmly attached; however, be careful not to press too hard, since this could lead to damage later on. The final step is to add any finishing touches, such as ribbons or beads, before hanging your finished work of art.

With the proper tools and resources, you may create an original piece of art that reflects your unique style and personality. Let’s have a look at how to make it your own by adding your own colors, patterns, and other details

Key Takeaway: Create a unique and personal touch to any room with your own custom scrabble wall art – gather the necessary supplies, design your piece, and assemble each tile until it’s securely attached.

scrabble wall art

Customizing Your Scrabble Wall Art

Oftentimes, this includes picking out the appropriate color scheme. Think about how the artwork’s color scheme will interact with the room’s current furnishings and accents. It’s up to you to decide if you want to use bright, eye-catching colors or more subdued pastels. You may also use two different tones of the same hue to create more contrast and depth.

You may also make your Scrabble wall art unique by adding your own special touches. For a more personal touch, you could incorporate the names of the people being honored into the design by spelling out their names using the board’s individual letter tiles. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate a wedding or anniversary without throwing off the game’s conventional feel, try using terms related to the event instead of the standard Scrabble ones.

It is possible to have a more personalized look and feel by incorporating additional aspects into your design. Photos or other mementos of special times together can be included between the board’s letters to create a more personal touch. They can range from concert tickets to postcards acquired on a trip overseas. Each set becomes genuinely one-of-a-kind with this level of customisation, and the sentimental value of playing traditional Scrabble games is elevated even further.

The appropriate color scheme, personal touches, and other components can help you create a one-of-a-kind design with your Scrabble wall art. How to Hang Scrabble Tiles on Your Walls.

Tips for Installing Your Scrabble Wall Art

Putting up your Scrabble wall art is a great way to give your home a personalized look and feel, and it’s also a lot of fun. Taking the time to level the surface and fasten the components firmly into place is crucial to the final appearance of your project. If so, read on for some advice on how to do so.

Preparing the Surface for Installation:

Make sure the wall space is clean and dry before hanging your Scrabble wall art. Wipe off the area and let it dry completely to ensure there is no dust or other debris that could prevent the tiles from sticking. When installing something, it’s best to start with a smooth surface, so apply sandpaper or primer if necessary.

Measuring and Marking the Area:

After the surface has been prepared for tiling, precise measurements can be taken using a ruler or measuring tape to determine exactly where each tile will go. Use painter’s tape to mark off each area so that you may remove the tape without damaging the surface beneath it once the installation is complete.

Securing The Pieces In Place:

After you’ve measured everything and taped it off, you can start locking the pieces into position one by one using adhesive like double-sided foam mounting squares or hot glue, whatever is most appropriate for your project. Incorrect adhesion tactics employed during initial setup might lead to problems down the road, so it’s important to take your time and do things right the first time.

After all the pieces have been placed and fastened using painter’s tape, the final touches can be added, including grout lines between tiles (if desired) and painting over edges/corners etc. Voilá, you can now take a step back and enjoy your handiwork. You have completed the installation of some stunning looking scrabble wall art

Key Takeaway: Take the time to properly prepare and measure the surface for installation, then secure each piece with adhesive to ensure a successful Scrabble wall art project.

Caring for Your Scrabble Wall Art

Proper maintenance is essential to preserving the beauty and longevity of your Scrabble wall art. If you want your Scrabble wall art to look fantastic and last for years, use these preservation tips.

Cleaning and Dusting Regularly:

You should dust and clean your Scrabble Wall Art frequently to keep it looking like new. Use a soft cloth or a feather duster to gently remove any dust or debris from the surface of your Scrabble Wall Art. Clean particularly difficult spots by mixing a small amount of mild soap with a gallon of warm water. Scrubbing too harshly could ruin the surface of the furniture.

Avoiding Direct Sunlight Exposure:

Avoid hanging your artwork where it will be exposed directly to sunlight if at all feasible to prevent premature fading. If you must put it in a sunny spot, consider covering it with drapes or blinds during the midday and early afternoon when the sun’s rays are at their strongest. There will be protection from discoloration and fading over time, yet the space can still get natural light if necessary.

Wood surfaces, such as those used in the construction of many Scrabble Wall Art pieces, are susceptible to damage from moisture if not properly maintained. If you want to avoid costly repairs caused by water seepage, you should wipe up any spills as soon as possible and keep an eye out for damp spots around windowsills and other potential condensation accumulation or plumbing fixture leak points. Wooden surfaces can warp or fracture if humidity levels within the house are too high for too long, therefore a dehumidifier may be a good investment if necessary.

Key Takeaway: Regularly dust and clean your Scrabble Wall Art, avoid direct sunlight exposure, and keep moisture away to ensure its longevity.

FAQs in Relation to Scrabble Wall Art

How to make Scrabble wall art?

To make it, you need only a few things, such Scrabble tiles, adhesive, and a canvas or board. To get started, spread the letters out across the board or canvas in any way that appeals to you. Put some adhesive on them and stick them where you want them. You can now hang your completed work of art. Scrabble wall art, with its one-of-a-kind design and opportunity for customization, can make any room feel more alive.

How do you hang Scrabble tiles on the wall?

Displaying Scrabble tiles on the wall is a fun and creative way to make a space seem more like home. You’ll need certain fundamental items to accomplish this: double-sided mounting tape or another strong adhesive; small nails or picture hangers; a hammer. Use an all-purpose cleanser to the wall surface and wipe it down. When you’re satisfied with your layout, use double-sided tape to attach the tiles to the wall. At last, using your hammer, affix little nails or picture hangers to each corner of the tile arrangement. Creating a beautiful piece of art that will liven up any room only requires a few simple steps.

How do you make Scrabble framed art?

Scrabble-themed artwork framed in stylish frames is a unique way to add a touch of individuality to any room. Collect a frame, Scrabble tiles, glue or double-sided tape, and your preferred paper before beginning the project. To get started, arrange the alphabet on the paper in any way that pleases you. When you’ve settled on a design you like, adhere the tiles to the paper using adhesive or double-sided tape. Lastly, place the finished product into the frame of your choice to create a stunning work of art for your wall.

What size should Scrabble tiles for wall?

Size and style preferences should be taken into account when selecting Scrabble tiles for a wall display. Selecting tiles with dimensions between one and two inches in any dimension is a safe bet. When affixed to a wall, the design will have visual harmony and harmony if this is followed. Also, think about the size of the area you intend to tile, as larger tiles may not work well in a smaller room. Finally, if you want a more eye-catching, chaotic design, try combining tiles of different sizes or colors.


You can make something absolutely special that no one else will have, thanks to its adaptable and imaginative features. Scrabble wall art is simple to hang and maintain if you know what you’re doing, whether you make it yourself or buy it ready-made. Why not try it then? Scrabble tiles make a great addition to any room.

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