Discover the Best Metal Print Companies for Quality Canvas Art

Are you interested in canvas art that has a contemporary feel to it? It’s possible that metal prints are the solution you’ve been looking for. Metal prints are made by printing artwork onto sheets of metal, and they are able to make any room, whether it’s a home or an office, look more interesting. Because there are so many companies that print on metal, it can be challenging to determine which ones provide canvas art of the highest possible quality at reasonable prices. We have compiled a list of some of the best metal printing companies that are specialists in creating canvas art that stands out from the rest of the crowd so that you can narrow down your options. These metal print companies will have something to satisfy the creative needs of each and every customer, with options ranging from vivid colors to intricate details. These metal printers will never fail to produce jaw-dropping results, regardless of whether you want to print canvas wall art or even 3D objects.

The process of selecting the best metal print company can be an intimidating one; however, within this guide, we have simplified the selection process. Check that the metal print company you’re considering uses ChromaLuxe panels, that they have a variety of photo mounts, that they can print larger sizes, and that they offer pricing options that are competitive before making a decision between the various companies that offer metal prints.

You can see our final choices for the best possible metal print provider below, along with how they score on our selection criteria. We have researched the market extensively to find the best possible metal print provider. Enjoy!

Table of Contents

  • What is Metal Photo Print?
  • Types of Metal Prints
  • Types of Metal Print Mounts
  • Top Online Metal Print Company 1. Best Overall Metal Print Company – Pictorem Metal Prints
    • Best Overall Metal Print Company: Pictorem
    • Most Affordable Metal Print Company: Canvas Champ
    • Runner-Up Overall Best Metal Print Company: ShinyPrints
    • Best Metal Print Company for Size Options: Mpix™
    • Best Creative Metal Print Company: Bay Photo Lab
  • Conclusion

What is Metal Photo Print?

Photos are transferred onto a metal surface (typically aluminum) and printed using either a dye sublimation process (for high-definition metal prints) or an inkjet printing process to create metal photo prints. (for standard metal prints).

Metal prints, in contrast to canvas prints, are not damaged by moisture or scratches, making them suitable for display in either an indoor or outdoor setting. The best companies that print on metal provide customers with a wide range of image service options, make use of metal of the highest possible quality, and excel in customer service.

Types of Metal Prints

The right company will provide a variety of aluminum prints, such as the ones described below, as well as custom sizing options, a selection of photo mounts, such as a frame mount or back frame mount, and additional photo mounting options.

Brushed Aluminum Prints

Brushed Aluminum Prints, which are also known as brushed metal prints, are the most common type of metal photo prints and also the most cost-effective option. Through the use of inkjet printing technology, images are imprinted directly onto the brushed aluminum surface.

This option works particularly well for landscapes and other nature scenes that feature a significant amount of open space. The surface of brushed aluminum has a more matte finish, which gives the impression that the material is silver. Prints made of brushed aluminum can be given a glossy sheen by combining them with finishes such as epoxy coating or glossy coating.

Aluminum DiBond™ Metal Canvas

Aluminum Composite Materials, also known as ACM, are made by bonding together two very thin sheets of aluminum and a polyethylene core. DiBondTM is the brand name and the original brand of ACM. Aluminum DiBondTM has become the industry standard for signage because of its ability to increase the stability of metal prints. Portraits are where they shine the brightest.

HD Metal Prints

The dye-sublimation and ChromaLuxe technologies that are used in the production of HD prints are the industry standard for producing vivid images that are guaranteed to last decades if they are properly cared for.

In contrast to inkjet printing, the dye-sublimation process produces colors that are significantly more rich and vibrant. The dye sublimation process is finished after two stages have been completed. The first thing that needs to be done in order to transfer the ink is for mirror images of the photographs to be printed on transfer paper. The second component is the heat press, which is responsible for transferring the photograph or images from the paper to the aluminum print. The heat generated by the heat press kickstarts a chemical reaction, which then infuses color directly into the metal on a molecular level.

When you need high-quality metal prints for your professional prints, HD metal prints made with ChromaLuxe are the way to go for professionals such as professional artists and professional photographers. (Hint, these are available from our top pick, Pictorem.)

Glossy Finish

Shine is added to an image by using a glossy layer. This surface treatment is available with a sheer gloss, a mid-gloss, or a high-gloss sheen.

Epoxy Prints

These prints are created by coating a base of brushed aluminum with a layer of epoxy with a high gloss finish. A rigid plastic coating is produced as a result of a chemical reaction that is catalyzed when an epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener are mixed together to create an epoxy coating. The end product of this reaction is a rigid plastic coating. This provides the brushed metal image with an additional layer of gloss. This has the potential to improve the sheen of brushed metal, bringing the appearance of the prints somewhat closer to that of HD metal prints while simultaneously lowering the price.

Types of Metal Print Mounts

There is a wide variety of framing and mounting available for metal prints to choose from. The decision of what to put in a frame or mount is the single most important factor in the selection process. If you don’t choose a mount or frame option, you might end up receiving a metal slab in the mail, which is difficult to hang or display without additional work. In the following, you’ll find a breakdown of some of the different kinds of mounts.

  • Box Mount: This type of mount is ideal for smaller prints and consists of an aluminum box that is attached to the back of your prints and is typically suspended 3/4 inches from the wall.
  • Frame Mounts: Frame mounts are essentially similar to a wooden or metal frame, but they are attached to the back of the metal print rather than the front. These can be “flush frame mounts,” which are mounted so that they are flush with the edge of the metal print; “rear frame mounts,” which are not mounted on the back of the print; and “inset frame mounts,” which are not mounted so that they are flush with the edges.
  • Float mounts give the impression that the print is “floating” within the frame by slightly elevating it above the background and giving the impression that it is not attached to the frame.
    • Easel Props – Easel props are similar to the “kickstand” that is typically found on a standard photo frame. You may be familiar with this feature. It enables metal prints to be displayed leaning on a table or other surface. Best for smaller prints. Easel props come in a variety of forms, including Metal easels, Acrylic Easels (also known as Acrylic Pedestals), and Bamboo Easels.
  • The magnetic backing is an approach that is taken only occasionally and is considered to be somewhat unconventional. Although aluminum does not have a magnetic quality of its own, magnets can be attached to the back of prints and to the frame of aluminum artwork. If you want to switch out prints on a regular basis, this is a good option for you to consider.

Top Online Metal Print Company

1. Best Overall Metal Print Company – Pictorem Metal Prints

Pictorem came out on top among all of the other companies that print on metal that we researched and evaluated for this guide. Pictorem’s wide range of printing options, which include bespoke metal photo prints in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from round or rectangular to murals or wall art, is one of the reasons we adore using the service. (excluding HD prints).

They also use inks of the highest quality, which are resistant to both water and ultraviolet rays, making them ideal for use as displays in outdoor environments. ChromaLuxe, a company renowned for producing the highest quality HD prints, is responsible for their production. Their HD prints are created with dye sublimation. In addition to those options, Pictorem also provides prints that are made of acrylic and canvas.

Epoxy metal prints created by Pictorem also have the highest possible quality. They use a layer with a high gloss finish over a frame made of brushed aluminum. This gives the silver an additional shine and adds an additional layer of protection.

In addition, their collection of floating frames features dozens of available customization options, such as back float mounts and a frame box. Pictorem offers a wide range of prices that are competitive with those offered by other retailers, and the company frequently runs promotions offering discounts of up to forty percent and free shipping in the North American market. This is common knowledge.

2. Most Affordable Metal Photo Print Company – Canvas Champ

CanvasChamp should be your first and only choice when looking for a company that has the reputation to back up the products it sells. This company provides extremely competitive discounts, including a staggering 87% discount on some prints and other promotions offering up to 60% off of all metal prints. In addition to the more common original images, their metal printing services can also produce images in a sepia or grayscale style.

3. Runner-Up Best Overall Metal Print Company – ShinyPrints

hinyPrints is a company that specializes in high-definition metal printing. It has a team of expert photo professionals who have been in the industry for years, and the fact that they specialize in metal printing gives them advantages over the other companies in the industry. For instance, they use CNC cut aluminum panels, which have edges that are more refined than those provided by sheer-cut panels. They are able to provide custom sizes in addition to standard ones because they cut their own panels.

They print their HD Metal images with ChromaLuxe, which has become the industry standard in recent years. They have quick turnaround and shipping times, and based on what we have seen so far, their customer service for custom orders is outstanding. Because Will and the rest of the ShinyPrints team are so enthusiastic about metal prints, it is reassuring to know that I can entrust them with my professional artwork as well as my large bulk orders.

4. Best Metal Print Company for Size Options – Mpix™

Mpix has one of the largest selections of print sizes, with 27 different sizes to choose from, including 4060 inches. All prints are fixed and printed on a 1/16-inch aluminum plate using a dye sublimation process. You can choose between a metal easel or a float mount base. There are three colors of float frames: black, white, and Oxford. There are two kinds of metal to choose from: natural metal or white metal, both of which make photos look more vivid and can have a glossy or matte finish. Before printing, the customer can add text to the image to make it feel more unique. Mpix suggests leaving a 1/8-inch border around the photo to make sure it fills the frame.

A number of skilled technicians are on-site to make sure that the printed colors match by retouching the photos. RBG files are used to print photos, but JPEG files can also be sent. Customers who have done photo printing before can choose not to have the photos’ colors fixed. If this choice is made, keep in mind that the photo cannot be reprinted for free. Lastly, files should be sent in RAW format to get the best image quality for larger printing options.

5. Most Creative Metal Prints – Bay Photo Labs

Bay photo labs use cutting-edge printing methods that give customers a lot of choices. They are one of the few metal printing companies that offer curved metal prints and what is called a “double float” print, which is two images mounted on a Gatorfoam float mount to make the photo look like it is floating. They also have 14 floating frame options for their double float prints and more than 80 handcrafted frame options, including bamboo, barn wood, modern, and ornate frames.

Bay Photo also sells acrylic metal prints that come on large posts. For extra protection, you can add 12-inch or 14-inch acrylic coatings. They also come in more than 34 different shapes and 18 different sizes, such as heart, triangle, and flower shapes. Last but not least, this company’s metal photo prints come in six different finishes.


There is an abundance of high-quality printing services to select from, whether you’re interested in canvas paintings or metal prints. If you put in the time and effort, you can find a reputable business that sells reasonably priced, high-quality goods. Do your research by reading customer reviews to see which companies have the best services before making a final choice. We hope you’ve found this list helpful in deciding which metal print company is best for you and your needs, whether you’re looking for canvas prints or metal prints.

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