Bring Nature Indoors with Animal Metal Prints

Metal images of wildlife can bring the splendor of the outdoors inside. Whether you’re a photography buff or just a big animal lover, you’ll find something in our collection of animal metal prints to adore. Photographers of international renown have captured wildlife in all its glorious variety for our exclusive selection. These stunning designs will stand out anywhere, from the African grasslands to the icy wastes of Antarctica, just like the mighty lions and playful penguins they depict. Our metal prints are ideal for giving to loved ones on any occasion because of their enduring quality and classic design. Get out there and buy something that really means something to you.

Table of Contents

  • Metal animal wall art
  • Custom wall art
  • What is a metal print?
  • What kind of images are metal prints good for?
  • Metal photo print for interior design
  • What set out metal photo prints apart?
  • Advantages of metal photo prints

Metal Animal Wall Art

With our metal animal wall art, you can bring the feeling of being out in nature into the comfort of your own house. Metal prints come in a variety of options, each of which will appear fantastic hung on the wall of any house. It is preferable to have wall art pieces depicting animals or fish that are made out of high-quality steel that was manufactured in the United States.

Using prints made of metal, you can bring your preferred animals to life. These magnificent metal prints will make a striking addition to any space, whether you choose to decorate with images of horses galloping across the grassland, lions lazing in the jungle, or monkeys playing and swinging from the branches of trees. Our animal metal images have brilliant colors that will not become dull with age and are printed on aluminum, giving them an eye-catchingly contemporary appearance. These incredible animal prints on metal will lend a one-of-a-kind air to the interior design of your house or place of business. Find the perfect component for you by selecting it from among our many varying options of dimensions and designs. Allow us to assist you in bringing some natural attractiveness into your life right now.

One of the most ideal presents you could give to a fisherman in your life is a piece of wall art made of steel fish. Every single work of art is one of a kind, and no two pieces are ever exactly alike. You can read more of our blogs and get more information about where to purchase metal prints while you are searching for metal animal art that is for sale.

Custom wall art

Creating personalized wall art for the areas in your home that are most meaningful to you can be an enjoyable and creative way to preserve the memories of special occasions. You also want to create original pieces that are suitable for the decoration of your home, which means that you will need to make some choices. However, there is no reason for the procedure to be stressful. Wonderful possibilities for wall art are now at your disposal, giving you the opportunity to lend your interior design a touch more individuality and flare.

What is a metal print?

The radiant colors, rounded edges, and lustrous finish of metal wall art are all intended to captivate the viewer’s attention. Sleek metallic designs are an excellent choice for those who have an eye for contemporary decoration or for one-of-a-kind accent pieces. Make use of these prints that are of gallery quality to inject a splash of vibrant color and a dash of contemporary style into the places you adore, whether they are private residences or design studios. Discover your artistic endeavors in an entirely fresh light.

We will infuse your picture into a radiant, ultra-thin aluminum panel with smooth, rounded edges by using a combination of heat and pressure. The thermal transfer procedure results in an image that is vivid, crisp, and has an exceptional level of clarity. The utilization of a broad print gamut in conjunction with a high-gloss coating helps to guarantee accurate color representation.

What kind of images are metal prints good for?

For photographs and patterns with a lot of color, you might want to try a metal finish. Whether your photograph has a shallow depth of field (a small portion of the image is in focus) or a deep depth of field (a large portion of the image is in focus), vibrant colors and authentic details come to life wonderfully on metal prints. (a small area in focus). Printing on metal can lend a dramatic and contemporary air to photographs of people, landscapes, and vacation destinations. In the realm of metal engravings, geometric patterns, abstract artwork, and lively illustrations are all notable examples.

Metal photo print for interior design

Metal photo prints are for you if you’re looking for the ideal solution to spruce up the interior of your house in a way that is chic, contemporary, and elegant all at the same time.

Prints on metal for walls have been around for quite some time, but it is only relatively recently that they have started to become a style statement in homes all over the globe.

This should not come as a surprise, however, given that these stunning prints include an infinite number of benefits (which we will go over later) and have been demonstrated to be a simpler method of elevating the level of sophistication in any place.

Metal picture printing may require professional handling and expertise, but the final results are always worth it because metal prints are superior to other types of prints such as acrylic or canvas prints.

If you are interested in learning how and why metal photo art is a worthwhile investment for the interior of your house, then you have come to the right place because we have something for you.

Continue reading to find out more about these magnificent pieces of art, which include:

What sets them apart from others is:

  • The primary benefits and benefits that they offer
  • What our clients appreciate most about them
  • Where they would look finest hung

What are metal photo prints?

Metal photo prints are high-definition artworks that are digitally printed and transferred onto a strip of metal panel, typically aluminum. There are three primary methods that are used to accomplish this task:

  • Direct printing is a method that involves printing an image directly onto a sheet of metal without causing the metal to receive any of the ink.
  • Face mount is a method of mounting prints onto metal that utilizes a clear adhesive. Despite the fact that it has a propensity to fade quickly, it is used in both conventional and digital printing.
  • Dye sublimation is a process in which ink is infused into a specialized coating for aluminum called ChromaLuxe using heat and pressure. This coating is then sealed to produce a finish that is long-lasting.

The dye sublimation printing technique is utilized in the production of high-quality prints that are worthy of your purchase. Because it utilizes a ChromaLuxe coating, which enables a long-lasting infusion, this printing procedure is the superior choice among the available alternatives.

This, in turn, provides each printed picture with a protection that will last for a long time and makes it more resistant to fading, the damaging effects of water, and the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Shiny Prints is committed to manufacturing only prints of the highest possible quality, which are suitable for display in private homes as well as for sale in galleries by professional photographers and artists.

Because of this, we only use ChromaLuxe panels to produce long-lasting metal photo prints. These prints will not only make a bold statement in your house, but they will also be sturdy enough to last you for many years.

What set out metal photo prints apart?

  • Scratch-resistant: Will not ding, scratch, or dent even when mounted in heavy traffic areas or when left unframed.
  • Aluminum is used in the production of our metal picture prints, which keeps the weight to a minimum. Because this metal is both sturdy and lightweight, the prints are incredibly simple to handle and move around.
  • Because all of our metal photo prints are waterproof and able to withstand rain and wall spillages, they will continue to look great even if they are left out in the weather by accident.
  • Prints are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be mounted or left unframed, depending on the customer’s preference.


  • The printing of our pictures is done exclusively on the finest ChromaLuxe aluminum panels available. This ensures a high-quality finish. This ends up producing images that have a high resolution as well as a brilliant finish and a wider color spectrum.
  • Will last you a lifetime: If the prints are kept in perfect condition by being securely secured and dusted once a month, they have the potential to remain in pristine condition for up to three hundred years.
  • Because of the exceptional durability of our prints, you will be able to pass them down from one generation to the next, making them wonderful additions to family keepsakes.

Advantages of metal photo prints


In the end, you want a substrate that will give your images a distinct appearance.

The ChromaLuxe metal panels have a stylish and contemporary look and feel, which contributes to their undeniable allure from an aesthetic standpoint. They surpass all other types of prints in terms of their incredible clarity, level of detail, and visual impact.

These high-definition picture images are versatile enough to complement the aesthetic of any room in your house as well as your own individual tastes.

There are also no restrictions on the images that you are able to print or how you will exhibit them because they appear equally beautiful whether they are framed or unframed. (we also offer framing services for your metal prints).


Metal is currently in the driver’s seat when it comes to print styles.

Although many photographers and artists choose to print their photographs on canvas, acrylic, and other high-end papers, it is important to note that the clarity, vibrancy, and quality of metal photos are superior to those of the aforementioned mediums.

The comparison chart that follows will help you understand what we mean by this.


Prints made of metal provide an original and interesting method of displaying your preferred domesticated or untamed animal. These metal prints are sure to make any room more interesting and appealing, regardless of whether you choose to decorate it with an image of your own pet, a majestic lion from the Serengeti, or something completely different. Due to the high quality of the materials used and the fact that the colors will not dull over time, you can be certain that your investment in these lovely pieces will be worthwhile for many years to come. So why not add some artistic flare to your space today with metal prints of different animals?

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